04/10/13: Reprint of: 02/19/13: I never stalked anyone the way that I’ve been getting stalked, nor could I ever have done so even if I had wanted to, which I never did./Copyright L. Kochman, April 10, 2013 @ 4:32 p.m.

by thiswinteralso

February 19, 2013

I never followed people or learned their schedules so that I could be where I knew they would be.

I never threatened any of the people to whom I sent unwanted letters or with whom I had other unwanted communication; at no time did I ever try to make them feel frightened.  There was also not one person who ever had unwanted attention from me to whom I didn’t later explain my behavior and say that I was sorry if I upset him, and there was also not one person who ever seemed to have a grudge about it; all of those situations were peacefully resolved until I got noticed by famous people.

The people who follow me in vehicles are stalkers; they are real and dangerous stalkers who have been encouraged by the conglomerate to behave the way that they are behaving.  They are criminals.

The fact that I have been documenting this situation for more than a year and it hasn’t stopped means that the conglomerate is telling people that stalking is ok.  I’m sure that a lot of people are getting stalked now, because of this situation.

Copyright L. Kochman, February 19, 2013 @ 7:54 p.m.