04/05/13: Video from 04/05/13 of a Transit Police officer with car #7058, license plate #58, at the Quincy Center T station

by thiswinteralso




April 5, 2013

I don’t do anything to the videos that I publish on my YouTube blog except upload them and publish them.

For example, I did NOT choose the picture that the second video here has been made to start with since I published it on YouTube.  Neither did I choose the videos that have been added to it.

I would appreciate it if whoever is doing things like that WOULD STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!

What this Transit Police officer did was serious and bad.  He stalked me in a car promoting child molestation.  He followed me into the train station and harassed me there.  He either lied to me when he tried to tell me that I couldn’t film there, or he didn’t know that it’s legal to film there, it being a place of public transportation and in public, and not an intimate, malicious invasion of privacy with the intention to harm.  He got a lot closer to me than the situation called for.  When I tried to film his face, he got angry, told me to leave and was personally insulting; it’s likely that he knew that I had been to the Social Security office to apply for disability benefits based on documentation of having an emotional disorder, which I never wanted to have to do and have only had to do because the conglomerate has been persecuting me for years.

He continued to insult me the same way; he wasn’t at all worried that a lot of people saw him stalk me, harass me and call me crazy, or that I was filming him doing those things.

To further explain the seriousness of the situation, I’m going to use a word that I don’t ever call people:

Could he have been yelling “Get out of here, you nigger?” without worrying that a lot of people who were watching what was happening would angrily respond and also being certain of losing his job?

He and everybody else knows that I’m not filming things that I’m imagining are happening, for one thing.  Even if I had been imagining the entire thing, what right would he have had to treat me the way that he did?

This video demonstrates the high tolerance that society has for the abuse of people who have been stigmatized as being mentally ill.  It also demonstrates that this Transit Police officer is certain that child molestation is going to be made legal, and that he is certain that he has a future of stalking, harassing, verbally abusing, and attempting to publicly embarrass women to look forward to, without consequences to anyone other than his victims.

I sometimes call people crazy, but not the way this Transit Police officer did; not to try to cover up or minimize the misuse of authority to abuse someone and promote the abuse of other human beings.


Copyright L. Kochman, April 5, 2013 @ 7:48 p.m.