04/04/13: Pictures from 03/29/13: Michael’s in Braintree

by thiswinteralso

April 4, 2013

I took these pictures of a display and a restroom door at the Michael’s store in Braintree on 03/29/13.  The display was on an endcap right across from the restrooms.


April 4, 2013

I’ve seen other situations like this one, in which endcap displays promoting child molestation are near restrooms in stores.   It seems to me that whoever creates displays like this and puts them near restrooms is encouraging people to molest children in the restrooms.

The battery in my camera went dead after I took the picture of the door of the restroom that I had just left when I saw the endcap display; I don’t know what the door to the men’s room looked like.

Copyright L. Kochman, April 4, 2013 @ 7:38 p.m.