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  1. Thomas Edward Perez (born October 7, 1961) is an American politician, consumer advocate and civil rights lawyer, who served as the Assistant Attorney …

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  2. [Mar 17, 2013] WASHINGTON — President Obama announced Monday that he would nominate Thomas E. Perez, who heads the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, to …

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  3. President Obama will formally nominate assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas E. Perez as the next labor secretary on Monday, White House officials said …

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  4. If you tried to help a “protected” Obama constituency, you had better hope that your best efforts didn’t fail. The Gestapo will have you in its crosshairs. This is …

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  5. [Mar 18, 2013] President Barack Obama talks with his nominee for Labor Secretary, Thomas E. Perez, during an announcement, Monday, March 18, 2013, in the East Room of the … ( 4146 Comments )
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  6. WASHINGTON — President Obama intends to tap the nation’s top civil rights enforcer as the new secretary of Labor, a choice seen Sunday as an opportunity to raise …

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  7. Thomas E. Perez, the likely nominee to be the next secretary of labor, was introduced to organized labor under traumatic circumstances.Perez was 12 when his father …

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  8. Conservatives go after the head of the Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department for “cruddy” lawyering and “racial scaremongering against voter ID laws.”

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  9. WASHINGTON – Thomas Perez, a Dominican-American was who was a top Justice Department official, was nominated by President Barack Obama to become the next …

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  10. Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama on Monday nominated Thomas Perez, the assistant attorney general heading the Justice Department’s civil rights …

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