03/25/13: 1st page of the website for “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” @ 4:51 p.m. “Netflix is no longer just for renting movies. It is changing the way Americans watch television…” he says. Why won’t Mr. Williams admit that he took my idea, turned the idea into “Making A Difference,” lied about where he got the idea, and then created a fraud about it? Why does he continue to attack me instead of admitting those things? He didn’t have to tell lies and create fraud about where he got the idea for “Making A Difference.” I said that people could use the idea. Why does he promote the conglomerate’s human-rights-abusing agenda? (Copyright notice as for other pages like this one.). Copyright, with noted exceptions, L. Kochman, March 25, 2013 @ 4:59 p.m.

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The Oklahoma City diet

  In Oklahoma City, residents are losing weight together and making the city one of the fittest in the country. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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Netflix changing TV

  Netflix is no longer just for renting movies. It is changing the way Americans watch television with shows like “House of Cards,” NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

Orphan bear cub doing well

  An orphan polar bear cub in Alaska will soon be moved to a zoo in Buffalo, N.Y. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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  1. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews Updated w/ story: Same gun used in murder of Colorado prisons chief, Texas shootout, authorities say http://t.co/m868JuGM1L4:41pm on 3/25/2013
  2. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews RT @MBToole: @mitchellreports Shocking numbers from the Holocaust. http://t.co/QDOPuEfZxs3:59pm on 3/25/2013
  3. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews BREAKING: Gun used in Texas shootout same as used in murder of Colorado prisons chief, ballistics tests confirm3:56pm on 3/25/2013
  4. KellyOKellyO Arkansas Dem @SenMarkPryor on Bloomber gun control ad “I don’t take gun advice from the Mayor of New York City. I listen to Arkansans.”3:54pm on 3/25/2013
  5. mitchellreportsmitchellreports Re Bagram prison handover, Amb Chris Hill says “I suspect we’re going to have a lot of dissapointments ahead” http://t.co/uZN7h1oyY13:47pm on 3/25/2013
  6. KatyTurNBCKatyTurNBC Ankle deep in peacocks. #reporterwear #offcamerastyle #snow http://t.co/9sUl857OcQ3:12pm on 3/25/2013
  7. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews Winter Olympics organizers store snow, just in case… http://t.co/61AB80RU332:45pm on 3/25/2013
  8. KatyTurNBCKatyTurNBC Whats next? Will all food be served out of a blender?School bans triangle shaped pancakes fearing eye pokings http://t.co/jdiRltbOKc #stop2:34pm on 3/25/2013
  9. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews VIDEO: RT @todayshow: Baby giraffe takes her first shaky steps under the careful watch of her mother: http://t.co/nwYwJIQ3QF2:09pm on 3/25/2013
  10. MKosinskiNBCMKosinskiNBC Everyone awaiting ruling in Amanda Knox case. Could she really be retried? There IS a possibility… http://t.co/YZbLxFZ7Qe2:01pm on 3/25/2013
  11. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews Updated with story: @TigerWoods wins Arnold Palmer Invitational, reclaims No. 1 world ranking http://t.co/5O2w1hy26k1:58pm on 3/25/2013
  12. mitchellreportsmitchellreports “I think Rand Paul will certainly find a significant following during the Iowa caucuses” – @BenLaBolt on possible @SenRandPaul #2016 bid1:52pm on 3/25/2013
  13. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews Just in: Tiger Woods wins Arnold Palmer Invitational, reclaims No. 1 world ranking1:47pm on 3/25/2013
  14. MKosinskiNBCMKosinskiNBC 🙂 http://t.co/PqUecPenLL1:37pm on 3/25/2013
  15. mitchellreportsmitchellreports . @SenBlumenthal “I am not abandoning the effort on a ban of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” #mitchellreports1:30pm on 3/25/2013
  16. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews President Obama designates 5 new national monuments. Details: http://t.co/huwODi8w3U1:27pm on 3/25/2013
  17. mitchellreportsmitchellreports . @SenBlumenthal coming up next on #mitchellreports1:23pm on 3/25/2013
  18. mitchellreportsmitchellreports “If everybody plays their cards correctly,we could see expanded background checks.Things have changed.They haven’t transformed.”-@RuthMarcus1:23pm on 3/25/2013
  19. mitchellreportsmitchellreports “The big point is that Newtown didn’t change the gun debate…3-4 months later, it’s clear the politics have not changed.” -@jmartpolitico1:21pm on 3/25/2013
  20. mitchellreportsmitchellreports Amb. Chris Hill: “Much of what Karzai says is designed for domestic Afgh audiences-from our pov, tough to take. I don’t see that changing.”1:10pm on 3/25/2013
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Antarctica among fastest warming regions

  A recent study found that global temperatures are warmer now than at any time in the last 4,000 years — and getting warmer. With that in mind, NBC’s Kerry Sanders recently traveled to the bottom of the earth, to Antarctica, where this warming trend is already having a big impact.

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