03/21/13: Endless punishment for no reason

by thiswinteralso

March 21, 2013

It seems to me that Tad Hoehl has been talking about me for years to a lot of people.  I almost never talked about him to anyone, until he went to the media with my old letters, after he realized that famous people knew who I was.

In 2009 and for the first, few months of 2010, I wrote online by writing on a Friendster profile.  I would erase what I had written a few hours or a few days later, and write about something else.

I think it was 2009 when I wrote about how I had been “sort’ve date-raped” by someone a few years before.  I didn’t mention names or identifying characteristics.  For me, and, I thought, for him, the entire situation had been resolved.  He never had to go to anyone to try to defend himself about that incident.  Why did he do that if he didn’t know that I was writing about him?

If he wasn’t trying to defend himself, then why did he show my old letters to the media or to whomever it was that he brought them?  What goal could he have had except to try to get to know famous people by bringing up things from my past, telling his side of the story, and harming me that way?

I was similarly discreet about someone else with whom I’d had a bad online experience; the only way that the people who were the initiators of what turned into the conglomerate could have known who he was is if they had hacked the computer that I had been using at my parents’ house, probably for at least a year before I knew that any of them knew who I was.

Those initiators are people who never have and have never had qualms about publicly presenting themselves in a sexual way and flirting with all sorts of people, even outside of their work in movies, TV, or other professional entertainment in which they willingly participate and for which they are highly paid.  They are not only hypocrites, they are brutal, sadistic, totally immoral hypocrites who have harmed me and other people immeasurably and who continue to do so despite all evidence of the harm which they have deliberately inflicted for years and for no reason.

They have been sickeningly aided and abetted by literally thousands of people, all bullies with no understanding of or concern for morality and decent behavior.

I’m still getting stalked all day by vehicles.  I still get harassed by total strangers.  Someone gave a loud vomit-cough outside my apartment last night, in the building; it was either someone who lives in the building or who was visiting someone who lives in the building.

No matter what happens with the other human rights violations that the conglomerate wants to make a normal part of life around the world, I’m sure that I’m only at the beginning of the lifelong torment that’s going to happen to me because of the videos that have already been made of me, and I don’t know what’s happening in my own apartment or if I will be able to do anything about it if I am able to find out.


Copyright L. Kochman, March 21, 2013 @ 7:25 p.m.