03/06/13: “Don’t praise your children too much,” says the child-molesting, child-killing conglomerate.

by thiswinteralso

March 6, 2013

I’ve noticed a few talk shows and other media trying to convince people that you shouldn’t praise your children too much, that you don’t want them to have “too much self-esteem.”

What else would child abusers say? People who want to abuse children don’t want children to have the high self-esteem that helps children to deflect the advances of pedophiles and to object to being abused in other ways, to seek help, and to continue to seek help until they find it, no matter how many times they are disappointed by people who should help them and who don’t.

The show I heard this morning said that if you praise your child too much, your child will be self-centered.

Praise doesn’t make children self-centered. Teaching children, by instruction and example, to respect themselves and others, helps to prevent self-centeredness.

The conglomerate is the definition of self-centeredness; what’s more self-centered than censorship, harassment, stalking, rape and murder?

What’s more self-centered than someone who wants to rape and murder a child?

Copyright L. Kochman, March 6, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m.