03/05/13: Bev and Sandra at the Lindemann Center

by thiswinteralso

March 5, 2013


There are two female staffpeople who work at the shelter where I’ve been staying at the Lindemann Center who are continuing to harass me.  One, named Bev, has stopped coughing at me since I wrote about how she called me an evil person after I had objected to the fact that she had coughed at me and lied about it.  She still rubs her nose at me, though, which is not only sexual harassment but is also a very unsanitary thing for someone who works in health care to do.

The other staffperson who has persisted in harassing me is named Sandra, and she is getting more and more blatantly abusive.  She coughs at me every time she walks by me or when I have to go to the staff station.  She always denies what she’s doing, and takes the opportunity of my objecting to her behavior to try to start an argument with me; I am sure that she wants to antagonize me and lie about me until I lose my temper or enough staffpeople there believe what she says about me that I get thrown out of the shelter.  It’s not just a question of my leaving that shelter; because it’s a psychiatric shelter, what happens there is part of my health record.

She is also rude and verbally abusive to me in other ways besides being sexually harassing; she is making things difficult for me with other staffpeople.

She is so belligerent and such a liar, in addition to being someone who said “I’ve worked here for 22 years” when she introduced herself to me weeks ago, that I genuinely fear for anyone who is in her care and I especially fear for children to whom she has access.


Copyright L. Kochman, March 5, 2013 @ 6:24 p.m.