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  1. … grooming them to kill themselves in order to murder others.” … described as a political cult and as a movement that is abusive towards its own members. …

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  2. The Temple encouraged some of its members to move to Jonestown, … saying you chose your own way to go, … Death Cults: Murder, …
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonestown – Cached
  3. … which is investigating a religious cult’s alleged murder of its members, … “Mr. Kim and Mr. Jeong committed the murders on their own and are now saying the …

    www.rickross.com/reference/general/general570.html – Cached

  4. … Tarsa LeBaron pleaded not guilty in federal court this morning on multiple charges stemming from alleged religious cult murders in … and a member of the …

    www.chron.com/…/article/LeBaron…cultmurders-1708712.php – Cached
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  5. Frequently at gatherings of former cult members a lively exchange … And it’s an example of the usage of such cult murder … After so many cult mass murders, …


  6. The FBI in Texas added Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron to its Most Wanted list because of four murders there … Most of those killed were members of LeBaron’s own cult, …

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  7. Cult Homicide Murder People *the Dirty Religious Sacrifice Economy. Non User. … and which exploits or destroys its own members or others.

    www.economicexpert.com/a/Cult:homicide.html – Cached

  8. Attorney Ties Murders to … Nephi cut off Laban’s head using Laban’s own gold and steel sword and … the 13-year-old daughter of Kirtland cult member

    www.francesfarmersrevenge.com/…/oldnews/mormoncult.htm – Cached

  9. (1 review) Share your own customer images. … The story of Jeffrey Lundgren, a cult leader who convinced his followers to conspire to murder five members of an Ohio family.
    www.amazon.com/American-Justice-The-CultMurders/dp/B000… – Cached

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  10. In their own special blend of millennial … while researching cult murder for a story i was thinking of writing. since finding your … The cult members, …

    www.mayhem.net/Crime/cults1.html – Cached

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