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  1. In his victory speech on the night of his election, President Obama repeated his promise to Sasha and Malia to get a puppy to take with them to the White House.

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  2. [Nov 6, 2008] 7-year-old Sasha Obama has been in the spotlight more than half her short life, with an AP photographer first snapping the toddler in March of 2004 … ( 484 Comments )
    www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/06/sashaobama-see-how… – Cached

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  3. Sasha Obama is the younger daughter of U.S. president Barack Obama. Her formal name is Natasha, but she is most often called by her nickname, Sasha.


  4. Sasha Obama (born 2001) is the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. She is also the youngest child to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr …

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  5. Biography of Sasha Obama, The younger daughter of Barack Obama

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  6. [Sep 6, 2012] The apples haven’t fallen too far from the tree. Malia and Sasha Obama have proven once again that they are fabulously following in their mother’s stylish … ( 533 Comments )
    www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/06/malia-obamasasha… – Cached
  7. (CNN) – First lady Michelle Obama and her daughters are headed out West this weekend for their annual ski trip with family friends, White House spokesman Josh Earnest …


  8. See pictures of the Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, out and about and living life as the President’s daughters on AOL Kids.

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  9. The latest from Sasha Obama (@Forever_sasha1). White House

    jp.twitter.com/Forever_sasha1 – Cached

  10. First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters Malia and Sasha were spotted skiing at a posh resort in Colorado. The trio were given all-day private lessons with pro …

    www.i4u.com/2013/02/sashaobama/their-skiing-hand-obamas-try – Cached

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