02/13/13: I support small business; however, I don’t like this small business as much as I used to like it, not by a lot.

by thiswinteralso

February 13, 2013

I will have fewer painful shocks in my future if I can stop being surprised by what greed can make some people do.

I went to this place a few times, and this is how whoever owns it finally responded, which I thought was horrible.



It’s also probably the sort of thing that I can expect will continue to happen to me for as long as the conglomerate continues to promote the video problem. I never did anything to that place except to go there because I liked it.

I took these pictures the last time that I was there; I was stunned to see the chalkboard. That’s actually the section where I have sat the other times when I’ve been there. It’s not as if I’ve been there a lot; I don’t have the money to go there a lot. They chose a location just to hurt me? No, it’s because they don’t care how much it hurts me; it’s like not caring if you help to murder someone. Is the person who made the decisions about the decor a child molester and everything else, too, or does he or she just not care about those things, either? Wants the publicity and the money and whatever else he or she can get, and doesn’t care who gets hurt?

There was trash left on the counter one seat over from where I put my coat. When I got back to my seat, there was a young couple sitting in front of the counter where the trash had been; they had put the trash on the counter in front of my seat. I asked them about it. They said, “Sorry,” with no inflection to their voices to indicate that they were sorry. I supposed I could have left the conversation at their insincere apology; I think I expressed my surprise that they would do such a thing, and they said, perhaps amused, “We said we were sorry.”

While I was there, some other people who looked to be of college age showed up, and there was some coughing for a minute. That was all of the direct harassment that seemed to happen while I was there, though.

It does seem that some of the direct harassment of me is decreasing; perhaps people are realizing that I don’t deserve it, that nobody could.

This is a note I’m putting at the end of this page, so I can find the page again by searching the text if I have to find it for some reason; The Thinking Cup. I hope I won’t have to find it again.

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