01/26/13: The Lindemann Center: Shower room 4151, 2 Wet Floor signs by the nurses’ station, and my “attitude problem.”

by thiswinteralso

January 26, 2013


There are two rooms across the hall from my room that have a shower stall each in them.  When I got up this morning, I saw that one of them, # 4151, had a note on it saying that the shower was broken.

When I got around the corner that’s in front of the nurses’ station, I saw that there were two Wet Floor signs on totally dry floor in front of the open door to the bathroom.  The male staffperson who’s there today walked over and said that there was something wrong with the toilet in that bathroom that morning but that they had fixed it and then left the signs out “because the floor was slippery.”

He took the signs and put them against the wall in front of the nurses’ station.  I said “You’re going to put those away, aren’t you?”

He said “That’s a staff decision.”

I said “Why don’t you put them away?”

He took them and put them against the wall outside the nurses’ station where the clients have to walk up to the station if they want to talk to the staff who are in the station.

I walked over to where the laundry room is across from the station, put my bag on one of the machines, took out my camera, and took a picture of the signs.  The female staffperson said “You can’t take pictures in here; it’s against the law.”

I said “Oh yeah?” because my feeling was that it’s against the law to sexually harass and otherwise abuse clients in a psychiatric homeless shelter, and that it is SOMETHING FOR WHICH THE PRESIDENT OUGHT TO RESIGN for the clients to be videotaped in the shower rooms and bathrooms of such a place.  The fact that the entire world now lives in fear of being videotaped in the bathroom and other places where people ought to have a reasonable expectation of privacy is President Obama’s fault, and it is particularly sickening for totally helpless people like the ones who live in homeless shelters and psychiatric homeless shelters to be subjected to it.  My assumption is that when the workers were there this morning, they were putting hidden cameras in the shower rooms and bathrooms, or they will be doing that this week.

The female staffperson said “You’re going to be asked to leave for the day because of your attitude problem.”


Copyright L. Kochman, January 26, 2013 @ 2:55 p.m.