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  1. All members of the Inner Party (upperclass) … can turn off the telescreen1984 film; Me and the Big Guy; 2005 opera;

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  2. [Jan 20, 2009] I have many questions about the novel 1984. ? I’m trying to complete a worksheet for class, … 5. allowed to turn off the telescreen for short periods of … ~ by Daniel M ( 3 comments )
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  3. … for example the innner party is allowed to “turn [their telescreens] off” … very similar to the ones of 1984. The upper class of both worlds seem to …


  4. … and the proles rarely turn their screens off. … every last cent possible out of the lower and middle class, … 1984: Telescreen is full of confessions …

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  5. … the son of what he called a “lower-upper-middle class … when the kids finally turn him in. 1984: … would be given to the–The telescreen cuts off this …

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  6. 1984; O’ Brien and his telescreen; … I think orwell was making a comparison to the favours that upper party … being able to turn off one’s telescreen is an …


  7. Even in your home there is no escape. You are unable to get away or turn off the power of the Telescreen and “Big Brother”. … 1984 is a satire of the upper class.

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  8. In the year 1984, Ingsoc divides … Among their upperclass privileges is the ability to (temporarily) shut off their telescreens. They live in spacious, comfortable homes, …

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  9. … (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, … And so it was with every class of … “E could ‘a drawed me off a pint,’ grumbled the old man as he …


  10. 1984 : Telescreens in every … rarely turn their screens off. … a way to squeeze every last cent possible out of the lower and middle class, …

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