01/16/13: Some excerpts from my discharge summary from the “BEST ESP Community Crisis Stabilization Unit” at the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center.

by thiswinteralso

January 16, 2013

(Notes that I’m writing that aren’t part of the summary; I left on January 14th.  “Ct” means “client.”  I don’t know what “d/t” means.  As you can read from what they wrote, there’s total denial of what my true situation is.  There’s total denial that I am antagonized, that the harassment happens at all, that there were staff who harassed me, or that the harassment of me by staff or by patients could have led me to get upset or to avoid groups.  There’s no mention of the horrible cold that I had as something that could have prevented me from attending groups; there’s not even confirmation of the idea that there was anything physically wrong with me at all.  Especially in situations where I know that there’s no support for me and that it can get more dangerous for me if I object, I tend to put up with a lot of harassment before I say something about it.  Also, unless I can’t take anymore, I try to deal with the bad behavior by saying things such as “Why do you think that you should add to what I’m already going through all the time?”  That’s how I started off trying to deal with being abused by the facilitator who had harassed me in the group which was then referred to in the summary; at no time did I ever initiate conflict with anyone.  All conflict, such as there was, resulted from my having been harassed.   I was less directly and continually abused at the Solomon Carter Fuller than I have been anywhere else, which gives you some idea of how bad things have been.).


Course of stay:  Ct admitted to CCS for increased agitation and “anger” d/t reported “harassment” in the community.  Ct is chronically homeless and has been staying at various shelters in the Boston and Cambridge area…She participated in some treatment, attended groups sporadically…She was visible and active on unit, and endorsed multiple medical complaints…She was occasionally disruptive in groups or on the unit and was redirected from interrupting peers and cursing/shouting at staff.




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