01/15/13: YouTube is now saying that it’s going to be 45 minutes until the same video uploads.

by thiswinteralso

January 15, 2013

I won’t be able to upload it.  I have to leave soon.

There was another video that I wanted to upload tonight; I won’t be able to upload that, either.

From 25 minutes to 34 minutes to 45 minutes; those are the times that have been showing on the screen when I’ve been checking for how much longer it’s going to be until the video uploads since I started to try to upload it more than an hour ago.

It’s a video that shows me being stalked last night by two FEDEX trucks, a cab with a Wicked Tuna ad on the roof and another cab with a Ciroc ad on the roof, all in less than a minute.  I get stalked by FEDEX trucks all the time.  I’ve been getting stalked by cabs with Wicked Tuna ads a lot in the past few days.  I still get stalked by UPS trucks.  I still get stalked by U.S. Postal Service trucks.  I still get stalked by XFINITY Comcast trucks.  I still get stalked by a lot of vehicles.

I was also stalked by a Stop and Shop Peapod truck last night; it and one of the FEDEX truck drove past me by about a block and then waited for me.  That’s what many of the stalkers do; they drive past me and then stop, drive past me and then stop.

At least the FEDEX trucks were waiting outside for me when I left the T station last night; vehicles do that all the time, too.

Of the many videos that I make of what happens, I have to choose a few to upload because it takes as long as it does to publish them.  I am stalked ALL THE TIME, and the conglomerate knows it.


Copyright L. Kochman, January 15, 2013 @ 7:12 p.m.