01/15/13: If I were going to support the conglomerate, I would support the conglomerate. I don’t support the conglomerate. I’ve screwed up before, and I’m sure I’ll screw up again. My life is more stressful and painful than I can deal with. The conglomerate is evil, and the principles of why it is evil are something that everyone can understand, no matter what the symbols are.

by thiswinteralso

January 15, 2013
Yesterday, when I was writing the page called:

01/14/13: Problems uploading video of “Drain Shooter” van outside of Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center
and I wrote the section that said:

Once I started to write this page and transferred it here to WordPress, before publishing it, all of a sudden the estimated uploading time at YouTube where I’ve been trying to upload the video went from half an hour to about 20 minutes and now it’s fewer than 10 minutes. Hopefully, the video will be published soon.


the actual times were 22 minutes and 6 minutes.
I didn’t want to write those times, even with an additional reminder about how I couldn’t help the times that they were, about how they were the times that YouTube had given and all of that.
I had tons of videos and pictures that I wasn’t able to upload yesterday; videos and pictures of my being criminally stalked by people who not only stalk me but who want to rape children and to do other criminal things, too.
I still get harassed. I have been videotaped in the bathroom and those videos have been seen by who knows how many people now, even though I have protested that happening and talked about how it makes me suicidal. I am constantly maligned and lied about and lied to. I am constantly abused.
I don’t know if I wasn’t conscientious enough yesterday or not; I’ve said “there’s no code in what I write or say unless I say there is,” and if I wasn’t conscientious enough, then I wasn’t. I got out of a week in a psychiatric crisis stabilization unit yesterday afternoon.  If I have been in a psychiatric crisis, it’s because of what the conglomerate has done to me, and not because I would otherwise have been in a psychiatric crisis.

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