12/28/12: The conglomerate cannot continue to avoid responsibility for the results of its behavior

by thiswinteralso

December 28, 2012

Several days ago, I heard something about “dealing with the mentally ill” on a news show in regard to the recent school shooting. I’ve seen other people try to blame that shooting on mental illness.

The conglomerate does NOTHING except promote violence, and it CANNOT continue to pretend that its behavior isn’t causing people who were formerly healthy to do things that are unhealthy and people who already needed more support than they were getting to do things that are catastrophically destructive.

There’s never a time when it’s a bad idea to improve and expand good mental health services.

There’s never a time when it’s a good idea for corrupt authorities and others who are also corrupted and either directly powerful or very influential to blame the results of their behavior on the much less powerful people whom they have coerced or influenced to behave badly.

In Boston, all of the “SK Shots” and “Shotcakes” ads are still where they’ve been since weeks before the shooting; at least, that’s true in the places where I have been in Boston.

The conglomerate is still promoting child molestation, the degradation of women, and the abject persecution of people who tell it “no.” What does it expect is going to be the continuing result of its agenda of human rights abuses which, at core, send the message that there are lives that matter and lives that don’t matter, and that exploitation, force and murder are not only appropriate ways to treat people but are the best ways to treat people?

Copyright L. Kochman, December 28, 2012 @ 7:39 p.m.