12/28/12: To Malia Obama

by thiswinteralso

December 28, 2012

It seems as if you have decided that you’re ready for sex, and so, apparently, have your parents.

What else do you and your parents think that people your age are ready to do?

–Work full time jobs in addition to going to school? Have you read about child labor laws, about how there didn’t used to be any of them, and of what life was like for the many children who were made to work without them?
–Buy their own cars, or make all of their own car payments?
–Pay the share of the mortgages on their parents’ houses that they would pay if they were adult roommates of their parents rather than their underage teenagers?
–Pay property taxes?
–Pay for all of their own college expenses?
–Do adult time in jail for crime? Do you think that the juvenile legal system as it is distinguished from the adult legal system should be abolished?
–People your age who get pregnant or who get STDs from the sex that you seem to think that they are old enough to have should be made to deal with all of that on their own, as if they were adults; is that what you’re saying?

How do you think that all of that would work out for most people your age? Being a self-professed adult, of course you realize that most people are nowhere near as privileged as you are, and have nowhere near the advantages that you have. What do you think life would be like for them if everything that I just described happened, if they had to shoulder all adult responsibilities rather than just the one that you don’t seem to realize is a responsibility?

Do you or your parents realize that, for most people, legalizing child molestation won’t be a question of a willing, younger teenager having sex with another, older teenager, which is still something that is not a good idea, especially when the younger teenager is your age? It will be about people your age and younger being exploited by all sorts of people. What’s more, you are being exploited; your parents are exploiting you by telling you that it would be a good idea for you to have sex now; it wouldn’t be, and you’ll be hurting a lot of people if you do. As the President’s daughter, if you start having sex, it will do a lot to pave the way toward child molestation being made legal.

Why don’t you try thinking of someone other than yourself, like all of the children now and in the future, who will have no defense against anyone who wants to have sex with them from the time that they are born until they can finally fight someone off, if they ever can fight someone off. Consider what happens to me, a 38-year-old woman, when I object to being abused; what do you think will happen to those children when they try to fight back?

Also; how would you like it if there were video of you like the ones that have been made of me, and someone with more power than you have told other millions of people to watch them whenever that person wanted something or you did or said something that the person didn’t like?

Copyright L. Kochman, December 28, 2012 @ 2:18 p.m.