12/27/12: Messages about The Eyeopener that I sent to my e-mail from my phone this morning. I went into the other room after I sent the last message, and tried not to hear or watch more TV after that.

by thiswinteralso

Eyeopener: ‘sloppy, sloppy morning, the roads do look slick.’ Constant, vicious, hateful, murderous misogyny. ‘slushy.’

I can’t even see the screen or hear most of what’s on the TV, because of where I’m sitting, but I heard that.

You’re so disgusting, you are SO DISGUSTING!

Starts with weather after ads: ‘sloppy and slushy’


You are totally irresponsible and are contributing NOTHING of positive value to the world.

‘MESSY MORNING,’it says on the screen, guy says ‘flip flopping back and forth.’

‘messy morning,’ on the screen again, ‘slush,’ says the announcer. What if they were saying the ‘n’ word all the time, or EVER? Wouldn’t someone who made racial slurs or alluded to them get fired? What about gender, then?

Now they’re talking about pizza.


Copyright L. Kochman, December 27, 2012 @ 7:08 p.m.