12/26/12: Messages that I sent to my e-mail from my phone on 12/24/12. Subject: The effects and consequences of the behavior of the conglomerate media, networks, Internet, and so on.

by thiswinteralso

The shelter is open today and it might be better if I tried to stay here. There are going to be fewer people out there, which doesn’t automatically mean fewer stalkers. The conglomerate media and networks and everything that they’re doing to persecute me is a large part of what causes the things that happen to me in person to happen. When I get angry about what’s happening on TV, it’s not just because I’m being reminded of what’s happening to me, it’s because what’s happening on TV is a huge part of what’s causing what’s happening to me. It’s similar with the Internet. So vicious and so hateful and so destructive, with that disgusting smugness about all of it.

If you tear someone’s house down, you have hurt the person. If you steal someone’s car, you have hurt the person. If you take all of the person’s money and make it difficult for that person to make money to live on, you have hurt that person. If you do those things and then brag about it, and call the person stupid and ugly, say that she has Alzheimer’s when she doesn’t and act as if it could be her fault if she did, torment her about not being a very young woman as if it’s something to be ashamed of, call her a slut, act as if she deserves everything that you have done to her and that nothing that you or anyone else could do to her would be as much as she deserves, what does that make you? Does it make you a good person or a bad person?

What if the person never did anything to you in her life, and you initiated, participated in or encouraged all of the inordinate aggression that’s been directed toward her? What if you’re doing it because it’s something that you and your coworkers and/or friends find amusing and an endless source of entertainment, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE PERSON SAYS ‘YOUR BEHAVIOR IS HURTING AND ENDANGERING ME?’ What if there is a lot of tangible evidence that shows that YOUR BEHAVIOR IS HURTING AND ENDANGERING HER, and you still don’t care, you still don’t stop, and you find it all as funny as you ever did? Does that make you a good person, or does it make you part of a gang of sickening bullies?

What if the reason that you’re doing it is to get attention, raises and promotions? What does that make you and an employer who encourages you to think that way?

What about all of the other people who will do the things that you have done if you get rewarded for having done them?

What about all of the other people whose lives will be affected, now and in the future, by your contribution to the persecution and the way that it is responded to by your supervisors and by everyone in the murderous group of people who are observing what you’re doing and what happens because of it?

People who do what the conglomerate does cannot hurt my feelings; they don’t have enough of my respect or trust to have the chance to do that. What they can do is hurt my life, and a lot of other lives, and that’s what they’re doing, for their own amusement and material gain.





Copyright L. Kochman, December 26, 2012 @ 11:01 a.m.