12/22/12: The Pine Street Inn

by thiswinteralso

December 22, 2012

The lottery at the Pine Street Inn is at 3:15 p.m., and everyone has to be back before then to put their names in for it.

There are now some bunk beds there, and there are two lottery drawings.  There are some people who can’t have top bunks, because they can’t climb up to them.  People who can sleep in a top bunk can put their names in the drawing for the top bunks, which is done first.  If your name isn’t called from that drawing, it is put with the other names for the second drawing, for the rest of the beds.

Yesterday, my name was called for a top bunk.  I was in the second room of the lobby, and I had to put my heavy bag on my back and walk to the front desk to get my bed.

When I was walking toward the counter, the staffperson who was calling the names put the cards for the beds to the side and told me “You were too slow getting here; you don’t get the bed.”  There was still someone who had just gotten a bed at the counter when the staffperson told me that.

I’ve never seen that happen to anyone before.  Nothing that I said or did helped; she yelled at me, in fact, and so did other staffpeople when I continued to object.

They put my name in the next lottery drawing, and my name didn’t get called.  I slept in the lobby.

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