12/22/12: The Bristol Lodge in Waltham, MA

by thiswinteralso

December 22, 2012

I called the Bristol Lodge in Waltham yesterday morning to ask if there were a female bed available.

Here’s what the director said:

“We have to review your file, because the last time that you were here, there were some problems with you in the community and with your mental health issues.  Videos that you put on YouTube indicated that you had paranoia that people were following you and that there were people directing coughing at you.”

I said “If I’m paranoid, how do you know that I have a YouTube blog?”

She said “We were informed by the Waltham police.”

I said “If I’m paranoid, then how do the police know that I have a YouTube blog?”

I’m sure that there were cameras in the bathrooms at the Bristol Lodge when I was there.  Once I realized that, I started turning off the lights every time that I had to use the bathroom for something that was revealing, and getting up at 4 and 5 in the morning to take a shower so that I wouldn’t be harassed to turn the light on and then made to leave the shelter for “breaking a safety rule and disrespecting staff” if I refused to turn the light on.

The cameras are probably still there, videotaping every homeless guest who stays there.

Discrimination, gender harassment, sexual violation, abuse of homeless people, lying to me and saying that I’m imagining all of it, which could eventually put me involuntarily in the mental hospital or get me court-ordered to take harmful and inappropriate anti-psychotic medication, and loss of a resource; that is how the conglomerate has affected the Bristol Lodge.

That shelter is not a safe place for me or for any homeless person.

Who still thinks that the people who have made this happen are heroes?

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