12/18/12: The Pine Street Inn

by thiswinteralso

December 18, 2012

I’ve made a correction to the page that I wrote yesterday about what I had thought was a “CVC” box at the front desk of the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter. It’s a “QVC” box, but anyone could mistake the “Q” for a “C,” and I’m sure that promotion of the video problem is what is meant by it being at the front desk at the Pine Street Inn.

There is now a box that says “BENEZRA BOXES” under the “QVC” box.

This morning, the woman who I think manages the shelter seemed to be staring at me. In fact, she was gazing at me much more warmly than she ever has before.

This isn’t a quiz, it’s a question:

Was she staring at me because:

a) She has decided that I’m right and admires my courageous crusade for human rights.

b) There are video cameras in the shower room at the Pine Street Inn and she’s been watching videos made with them and plans to sell them.

There are still a lot of Wet Floor signs where they shouldn’t be, seemingly permanently set out around the shelter. I still get coughed at and other things like that happen all the time, around the clock.

I am also abused in other ways; many of the guests and staff have been influenced by the conglomerate’s attempts to stigmatize me. Many people are rude to me all the time. I am aggressively bullied. Even if I’m nice to people, it doesn’t matter. Many of the staff yell at me for no reason and won’t help me when I ask for things that are reasonable, at a reasonable time and in a reasonable, polite way.

Copyright L. Kochman, December 18, 2012 @ 8:44 a.m.