12/17/12: St. Francis House

by thiswinteralso

December 17, 2012

When I got to St. Francis House this morning, there was already somebody wiping the glass of the front doors.

I walked into the building; to my right was someone with a broom.

There are still three small Caution cones on the scanner that everyone has to put his or her bag through.

When I was waiting outside the room that has the Women’s Program, a man walked out into the hallway and up the stairs. He gave a loud cough, and I said “How about you don’t do that again?” He lied “What?” I said “You know what you did; leave me alone.”

There’s someone who seems as if he’s a staffperson whom I haven’t seen before. Every time he walks into the room that has the Women’s Program, he says loudly “Man overboard.” He seems to think that’s funny; this morning I told him that it wasn’t.

After I’d been in the room that has the Women’s Program for a while, and left, I saw that someone had put a Wet Floor sign on every landing of the stairs from that floor to the first floor.

Copyright L. Kochman, December 17, 2012 @ 2:39 p.m.