12/17/12: Pictures from 12/16/12, Part 2: Pictures that I took of the book “Obama’s Wars”

by thiswinteralso

December 17, 2012

This book was at the Pine Street Inn last night. I took these pictures with my phone and sent them to my e-mail.

I looked at Mr. Woodward’s official website this morning. Even though I couldn’t play the videos that he has there and don’t know what they say, looking at the first page doesn’t make me think that he entirely likes or respects me.

He and I can trade lives whenever he wants if he thinks that he could do much better than I have with what has been happening to me and for as long it’s been happening.

He’s also probably a bit of a chauvinist; a lot of men his age are.

What the first, few pages of his book said to me was some confirmation of what I’ve thought for a long time; Barack Obama isn’t a good President, did not have the experience to lead effectively and morally, and decided to distract the country and then the world from his failures by telling everyone that it’s ok to be a criminal.

I’ve said before that I don’t use excerpts for code purposes; code interpretations that could be made about names, words, numbers and so on are not something that I’m intending to happen.


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