12/15/12: Messages that I sent to my e-mail from my phone this morning.

by thiswinteralso

Like the rest of the conglomerate, The Eyeopener has been telling people to abuse children and not to value human life unless that life is a man’s life and he’s part of the conglomerate or supports it. In addition to the promotion of violence by the conglomerate and the effect that has had, the time and resources that have been spent on promoting the conglomerate’s agenda could and should have gone toward things that are worthwhile; genuinely informative and helpful rather than degrading, exploitative and corrupting.

Ads: make a difference donate to one of five charities, an ad for SK Energy Shots. The first story has been about a school shooting.

The Eyeopener weather: more messy, chilly, flip.

Eyeopener: seafood recall.

I can’t text as quickly as things happen. How often are stories about fish relevant and something that a lot of people have to hear about for their health, safety, and future?

Ad for Xarelto, purple writing.

When are there going to be stories about the damage that privacy invasions do?

What about stories about violence reduction and how people can do that where they live, in their neighborhoods, at school, at work, in their relationships, with their friends and family, with strangers?

Everything that has happened started with a bunch of celebrities who couldn’t be more flirty with everything around them or less faithful to their partners calling me a slut.

The conglomerate has decimated every part of my life and inflicted wounds that are going to get worse and be chronic problems for the rest of my life, even if another second of coerced (NOTE: I meant to write “coerced video” but I didn’t in the original message) never gets made of me. None of the celebrities who eventually formed the celebrity contingent of the conglomerate have changed their behavior from what they seem to feel they are entitled to have it be while they run other people into the ground for far less, and the weatherman at the Eyeopener won’t stop talking about ‘messy weather.’

Yesterday, I published a video of a group of men with a car parked in the street who had probably stalked me and who were probably thinking about abducting me, and even that hasn’t stopped the Eyeopener.


Copyright L. Kochman, December 15, 2012 @ 1:05 p.m.