12/12/12: Messages that I sent to my e-mail from my phone this past Sunday, 12/09/12. Subject: The time warp that is the conglomerate and why it has been able to do what it has done.

by thiswinteralso

The entertainment industry never was made by law to include women the way that schools and other industries and professions were. You could say ‘This is the movie that I’m making, and women who don’t want to do what they have to do to be in my movie won’t get hired.’

Once all of the other places that hadn’t included women were made to do so, women showed that they could do the work. You can’t be a stupid doctor who has NO professional integrity, although you can get to be corrupted; you can be a stupid actress or an actress who agrees to do bad, stupid things in a lot of movies, and not only will you make money that way, you’ll spend the rest of your life waitressing if you refuse to make money that way.

People go to movies and watch TV because they like doing those things. They will watch bad, stupid movies and bad, stupid TV because that’s what’s there. People who work in the entertainment industry and who see all the women who take the work that’s there and the fact that people still go to movies and watch TV no matter how bad and stupid they are think that everything is ok, or some of them try to make things better and are met with resistance by the people who think that everything is ok.

The young see all of the good-looking, rich and famous people and want to be like them.

The cycle goes on decade after decade. Public grade schools deteriorate because the government doesn’t make them a priority.

Now, in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, even a lot of the smart people are a lot dumber than they should be and the entertainment industry, related industries like the media, and people who depend on them, like politicians, are either so stupid that right and wrong are meaningless concepts that they learn only when they absolutely have to or they are so evil that they do the right things only when they absolutely have to. That’s what it seems like.


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December 12, 2012

I sent these messages to my e-mail Sunday because the shelter stayed open during the day, and I was too tired to leave.

There’s no code in what I write, say, or do unless I say “there’s code here, and this is what the code is.”

I don’t think that people should be treated the way that the conglomerate treats me, even if they have done the things that have been done to me.

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