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Happy Endings (TV series)

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Happy Endings
Title card
Genre Sitcom
Created by David Caspe
Starring Eliza Coupe
Elisha Cuthbert
Zachary Knighton
Adam Pally
Damon Wayans, Jr.
Casey Wilson
Composer(s) Ludwig Göransson
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 40 (List of episodes)
Executiveproducer(s) David Caspe
Jonathan Groff
Josh Bycel
Jamie Tarses
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Location(s) Paramount Studios
Los AngelesCalifornia
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 22 minutes
Productioncompany(s) FanFare Productions
Shark vs. Bear Productions (season 3)
ABC Studios
Sony Pictures Television
Original channel ABC
Original run April 13, 2011 – present
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Happy Endings is an American television series for the ABC network. The single-camera ensemble comedy premiered on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, as a midseason replacement,[1] with a one-hour premiere of two back-to-back episodes starting at 9:30 pm ET/PT. In the weeks that followed, the show continued to air back-to-back episodes that began airing at 10:00 pm ET/PT.[2] The show is currently in its third season, airing Tuesdays, at 9:00 pm ET/PT. However on December 4, 2012, ABC announced that on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Dancing with the Stars would re-take the Tuesday 9:00 pm hour, leaving the fate of unaired episodes unclear.[3]




Happy Endings follows the dysfunctional adventures of six best friends living in Chicago: married yuppies, businessman Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and type-A control freak Jane (Eliza Coupe); ditzy Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), a happy-go-lucky boutique owner and Jane’s younger sister; daydreamer Dave (Zachary Knighton), an aspiring restaurateur and food truck owner who used to be engaged to Alex; slacker manchild Max (Adam Pally), who deals with trying to hold a job and maintaining a consistent relationship; and serial dating singleton Penny (Casey Wilson), who fears she’s forever doomed for spinsterhood.

The series first begins with the six friends dealing with their group dynamic drastically changing after the breakup of the couple that first brought them all together, Dave and Alex. This leaves the rest of the group (Max, Brad, Jane, and Penny) in the awkward position of either trying to stay together as friends or having to choose sides. Dave and Alex decide to stay friends, but there are many more complications down the road.[4]

While the initial “complications following Alex and Dave’s breakup” premise was the focal point in the earlier episodes, this premise has mostly been abandoned as the series went on, as the focus became more about the group dynamic of six best friends, in a similar vein of “friends hanging out” ensemble comedies like Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Typically, each episode features two plot lines, in which varying combinations of the six characters find themselves involved.


  • Eliza Coupe as Jane Kerkovich-Williams – Alex’s control freak older sister. She is married to Brad and wanted to start a family and live a “perfect suburban life”, prior to being freaked out over Alex and Dave’s break-up. She is very competitive and always likes to be in charge of everything. She is a perfectionist by nature and currently serves as head of the homeowner’s association, although she went through a lesbian phase in college and donated an egg her freshmen year so that she could go to Cabo San Lucas and party. She and her husband are very affectionate in public, which often makes their friends uncomfortable.
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Alex Kerkovich – Jane’s ditzy younger sister and Dave’s ex-fiancée who left him at the altar on the day of their wedding. Alex still has some regret about leaving Dave at their wedding and feels guilty about it. She enjoys going on double dates and “girls nights out” with her best friend Penny. She runs her own women’s clothing boutique called Xela (“Alex” backwards) in downtown Chicago, although her shop typically has no actual customers. In season two, she moves in with Penny after accidentally ruining her apartment with smoke damage. Alex is the youngest in the group of friends and because of her ditziness is often clueless and easily gets lost during the group’s conversations. She often eats a lot, sometimes surprising the gang, even though she keeps in shape.
  • Zachary Knighton as Dave Rose – Newly single and depressed after being left by his ex-fiancé Alex on the day of their wedding. Still trying to figure his life out after the wedding, Dave followed his dreams of quitting his office job and is now self-employed with his own food truck business. After his break-up with Alex, he now lives on Max’s couch. In season two, he’s claimed to have moved on from their break-up and still remains friends with Alex while they both attempt to date other people. Dave often goes out of his way to prove he’s the “cool guy” of the group, as he is often the butt of his friends’ jokes and ridiculed for his fashion choices, such as his love of v-neck shirts.
  • Adam Pally as Max Blum – Dave and Brad’s best friend since college. He is sarcastic and enjoys sitting around his apartment playing video games. He is openly gay. Although he only comes out to his parents during season one (ep 4 – “Mein Coming Out”), after years of having Penny pose as his girlfriend. He comes to share his apartment with newly single Dave. Max is a minister of anon-denominational Christian church (though he himself is Jewish) licensed to officiate weddings, although he technically wasn’t licensed when he did Brad and Jane’s wedding. Max is single and unemployed, however in season two he buys a vintage Limousineand attempts to start his own limo driving service.
  • Damon Wayans, Jr. as Brad Williams – Jane’s husband who does whatever she says. He works for a big Chicago investment firm and is best friends with Dave and Max. Brad and Jane first met in college, while appearing on the MTV reality show The Real World. Despite being a somewhat uptight businessman during the day, he is generally laidback and likes to have fun and participate in any crazy adventures the gang get into, particularly with Max and Dave. Brad and Jane are often overly affectionate towards each other in public, to the point where his friends are creeped out at times. He is considerably effeminate, which he tries to hide around his male friends but is open about with Jane, since she finds it sexually arousing. At the end of season two, his department was cut, and he is now unemployed.
  • Casey Wilson as Penny Hartz – The group’s desperately single friend who constantly worries that she’ll never find the right guy. She is constantly dating, though most of her boyfriends never last for long, as she usually manages to drive them off with her manic behavior. She has known Dave, Alex and Jane since childhood. Max has been her “gay BFF” since college, though they briefly dated before she realized he was gay. She has shown occasional interest in Dave after her psychiatrist convinces her that she has unresolved feelings for him. Penny is a successful businesswoman who works in public relations and prides herself on being the most fashionable person in her office. Despite her unlucky lovelife, she always tries to stay optimistic, often declaring that it’s “The Year of Penny”, the year where everything in her life starts to go right and she’ll finally meet the man of her dreams. She is known for her unique ways of pronouncing certain words (such as her favorite phrase, “a-mah-zing”) and has a habit of constantly abbreviating (“abbreevs” as she calls them) things, much to the annoyance of her friends.

[edit]Recurring cast

  • Stephen Guarino as Derrick – The gang’s “offensively stereotypical gay” friend, who loves to bring the “D-R-A-M-A, drama!” Max first introduces him to Penny, after she complains that Max isn’t being the gay best friend that she wants him to be. Penny later turns to Derrick to pose as her fake fiancée for a wedding, but the plan fell through when his only way of acting heterosexual was to impersonate Danny Zuko from Grease. He gets married to his boyfriend Eric at the end of season two.
  • Seth Morris as Scotty – Max’s weird, creepy, and slightly psychotic friend. Max will occasionally call him in when he needs a favor, such as attempting to rough-up a coffee shop mascot or pretending to be a tour guide. He is also the new referee/judge at the annual “Rosalita’s Run” scavenger hunt.
  • Megan Mullally as Dana Hartz – Penny’s super positive and upbeat mother. She has been divorced three times and is a traveling lounge singer. Dana and Penny used to perform as a mother-and-daughter singing duo called “Two Hartz Beat as One”. She started dating Dave’s father, “Big” Dave, after running into him at Alex and Dave’s wedding.
  • James Wolk as Grant – Max’s former boyfriend who comes back into his life in season two when he shows up in Max’s limo on Valentine’s Day.


Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 13 April 13, 2011 August 24, 2011 September 20, 2011[5] March 12, 2012[6] August 15, 2012[7]
2 21 September 28, 2011 April 4, 2012 October 23, 2012[8] N/A N/A
3 TBD[9][note 1] October 23, 2012[note 2] 2013 N/A N/A N/A


The cast of Happy Endings in the season three promo poster. (pictured from left to right) Eliza Coupe,Damon Wayans, Jr.Casey WilsonZachary Knighton,Elisha Cuthbert, and Adam Pally.

On January 19, 2010, ABC green-lit the pilot episode, which was written by David Caspe and directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.[10] The show is from production companies Sony Pictures TelevisionABC Studios, and executive producer Jamie Tarses‘ FanFare Productions. Executive producers are Jamie Tarses, Jonathan Groff and The Russo Brothers.

Casting announcements began in February 2010, with Damon Wayans, Jr. first cast as Brad, Jane’s husband who does whatever she says.[11] Next to join the series was Casey Wilson as Penny, the group’s desperate and single friend.[12]Eliza Coupe and Adam Pally shortly joined that cast, with Coupe playing Jane, Alex’s control freak sister who is married to Brad, and Pally playing Max, Dave’s close friend and roommate.[13][14] Elisha Cuthbert later joined the cast as Alex, Dave’s ex-fiancé who leaves him at the altar.[15] Zachary Knighton was last actor to be cast as the newly single Dave.[16]

The pilot was ordered to series on May 13, 2010, as a mid-season entry in the2010–11 United States network television schedule.[17]

On May 13, 2011, the show was renewed for a second season,[18] which premiered on September 28, 2011. On October 13, 2011, the show received an additional episode order of 6 scripts from ABC, citing improved ratings for the series [19] On November 3, 2011, ABC picked up the series for a full 22-episode second season.[20]


In the sixth episode of the first season to air, “Of Mice and Jazz-Kwon-Do”, Dave refers to the mouse he is trying to catch as “his bin Laden” and then went on to joke that he was referring to “Jessica bin Laden, a super hot Arab girl I went to college with. She was the one that got away”. The episode, which was taped prior to the death of Osama bin Laden,[21] aired with ABC muting the final line, and removing the line entirely from online streams of the episode. The episode aired with the line unmuted on Citytv in Canada[22] and is also left intact on the DVD release.[23]

The ninth episode of the first season to air, “You’ve Got Male”, originally included a kiss between Max and Ian and was seen among several promotional images released prior to the episode airing. The kiss was ultimately removed from the episode. Before the episode aired, David Caspe explained that the kiss was cut purely as a creative decision and that there had been no pressure from the network to remove any gay content.[24]



[edit]Season one

The first season of the show premiered on ABC on April 13, 2011, and concluded on May 25. The premiere aired at a special time at 9:31PM[25] after Modern Family and was followed by another episode in the show’s regular timeslot at 10PM. The show was originally set to air a single episode each week that followed, but ABC decided to air a fourth episode immediately after the third episode on April 20, 2011, at 10:30PM.[26] On April 29, 2011, it was announced that the show would air two episodes a week for three weeks at 10PM and 10:30PM beginning May 4, 2011.[27]

The season also aired mostly out of the intended broadcast order to make the initial episodes more “stand alone” in an effort to get more people invested in the show.[28] As a result, the episodes “Bo Fight” and “Barefoot Pedaler”, which were intended to air as the second and third episodes[29] as they show the events in the weeks after Alex and Dave’s wedding, aired as episodes 10 and 11. It was later revealed that the decision to air the episodes out-of-order was ultimately made by ABC.[30] The episodes later appeared in the intended order on the DVD release.[31]

The episode “Why Can’t You Read Me?” was initially left unaired, however it later aired on August 24, 2011.

[edit]Season two

The second season of the show premiered September 28, 2011, and ended on April 4, 2012.[32] The season saw the show move to the 9:30PM timeslot, previously occupied by Cougar Town. The show then left the schedule to make room for Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.[33]

Despite picking up the show for a full 22-episode second season,[32] the 21st episode to air was labeled as the season finale by ABC[32] as they needed to premiere Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 on April 11, 2012.[34] The episode, titled KickBall 2: The Kickening, later aired on E4 in the UK on May 17, 2012[35] and also aired in other international markets,[36] despite the episode officially being held until the third season. Additionally, the episode was excluded from the second season DVD.

[edit]Season three

The third season premiered in the fall of 2012. The show moved to the Tuesday at 9PM timeslot, where it will be airing immediately afterDancing with the Stars.[37] While previous seasons have aired simultaneously in Canada on Citytv, the third season will see the show move to 8:30PM on Sunday where episodes will air two days prior to their airdate on ABC.[38]


Full episodes of the series are available for streaming on both ABC.com[39] and Hulu[40] and are also available to purchase oniTunes.[41]

On February 29, 2012, ABC premiered the first of a six part webisode series titled Happy Rides, which follows the events from Penny deciding to get rid of her storage space, which leads to her selling her first car. The webisodes were sponsored by Subaru.[42]


Complete season Release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1st September 20, 2011 March 12, 2012 August 15, 2012
2nd October 23, 2012[43] TBA TBA
1st & 2nd August 14, 2012[44] N/A N/A


[edit]Critical reception

The series was initially criticized, being negatively compared to several similar “relationship sitcoms” that had premiered earlier in the season (all canceled at the end of that season) – Perfect CouplesMad LoveTraffic Light and Friends with Benefits.[45][46][47] The series also drew comparisons from the hit 1990s sitcom Friends.[48][49][50][51][52] However, as the season progressed, the reviews from critics became much warmer – with some admitting that it had grown on them and that it had improved since the pilot.[53][54] Happy Endings was the second “relationship sitcom” of the season that was renewed for a second season, second to CBS‘ Mike & Molly.BuddyTV ranked Happy Endings #7 on its list of 2011’s best new TV shows.[55]

The second season of Happy Endings landed on multiple “Best of Year” lists; The New York Magazine,[56] the A.V. Club,[57] Hulu,[58]the Associated Press,[59] the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,[60] and Yahoo!TV[61] all included the series in lists of the top television programs of 2011.


Year Award Category Recipients and nominees Outcome
2012 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Damon Wayans, Jr. Nominated
Directing in a Comedy Series Jay Chandrasekhar Nominated
Writing in a Comedy Series Prentice Penny Nominated
Dorian Awards[62] TV Comedy of the Year Happy Endings Nominated
LGBT-Themed TV Show of the Year Nominated
Unsung TV Show of the Year Nominated
Wilde Wit of the Year The Staff Writers Nominated
GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Comedy Series Happy Endings Nominated
The Comedy Awards Best Comedy Series Nominated
Teen Choice Awards Male Scene Stealer Damon Wayans, Jr. Nominated
Female Scene Stealer Casey Wilson Nominated
Critic’s Choice Television Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Damon Wayans, Jr. Nominated
Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Casey Wilson Nominated

[edit]U.S. ratings

Season Timeslot Originally aired TV season Viewers
(in millions)
Rank 18-49 Nielsen ratings
18-49 Nielsen rank
Season premiere Season finale
1 Wednesday 9:31PM (April 13, 2011)
Wednesday 10:00PM (April 13, 2011 – May 18, 2011)
April 13, 2011 May 25, 2011 2011 5.04[63] 105th[63] 2.1/5[63] 75th[63]
Wednesday 10:30PM (April 20, 2011, May 4, 2011 – May 25, 2011) 3.63[63] 122nd[63] 1.5/4[63] 103rd[63]
2 Wednesday 9:30PM September 28, 2011 April 4, 2012 2011-2012 6.64[64] 83rd[64] 3.0/8[65] 48th[65]
3 Tuesday 9:00PM October 23, 2012 2013 2012-13 TBA TBA TBA TBA

[edit]International broadcast

Country / Region Channel Premiere
Australia Seven Network November 22, 2011
Belgium PRIME September 3, 2011
Bulgaria Fox Life March 30, 2012
Canada Citytv April 13, 2011
Estonia Fox Life October 3, 2011
Germany Comedy Central Germany March 18, 2012[66]
Greece FOX Life Fall 2011
India Zee Cafe Summer 2011
Ireland RTÉ Two May 2, 2012
Israel HOT Comedy Central March 23, 2012
Italy Fox (Italy) January 26, 2012
Latin America Sony Entertainment Television[67] August 22, 2011[67]
Latvia Fox Life March 2012
New Zealand TV2[68] July 27, 2011[69]
Norway TV Norge[70] August 23, 2011[70]
Poland Comedy Central Polska November 28, 2011
Portugal Fox Life October 2, 2011
Serbia FOX Life Serbia September 8, 2011
South Korea Fox life February 11, 2012
Spain MTV June 3, 2012
Turkey ComedyMax
UK E4[71] September 8, 2011[72]


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  2. ^ The third season premiered on Citytv on October 21, 2012 – two days before to the premiere on ABC.


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