12/07/12: Messages that I sent from my phone to my e-mail last night while World News with Diane Sawyer was being broadcast. I’m publishing the ones that are politely worded, for this page.

by thiswinteralso

There’s nothing open-minded about the conglomerate.  The conglomerate does not respect individual rights or dissenting opinions; it forces everyone to do what it says and takes what it wants by force.  It is anti-intellectual, scorns even the thought of empathy, and is exploitative and sadistic through and through.

It has no concern and in fact only mockery for the suffering of the innocent.  It has no concern for the future of humanity and celebrates the inhumane and the perverted as its core values and determinants of behavior.  This message and the last one are my response to the Lincoln Motor Company ad that was shown during Diane Sawyer’s show.  It’s too bad that that business is a sponsor of her show, which was announced before the ad.

Here’s a question; when are the lights going to go on about how stupid, wrong and destructive all of this is?


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