12/07/12: Messages that I sent from my phone to my e-mail during the next ABC show: Subject: The story started by saying that student morale is at an all-time-low and went on to talk about suicide.

by thiswinteralso

I can’t believe that students are being blamed for feeling suicidal, being called weak, self-centered and spoiled by the most self-centered, selfish people with the weakest characters and the most reprehensible, self-serving motives.  The shirking of responsibility by the conglomerate knows no guilt and no end. How do you think students feel, being harassed by other students and by teachers, being sexually exploited, feeling helpless to stop it for themselves and/or for their friends and younger siblings?

How do you think they feel knowing that what’s happening to me with the video issue not only could happen at all, as sickeningly and horrifyingly sadistic as it is, but that privacy for all except those who can buy it is over, is being erased as a human right?

How do you think they’re being treated at work, since most students don’t start out with power at all at work? Don’t you think that they’ve been getting harassed at work, where they make no money and have to do what people say and usually deal with rude customers anyway, as part of the work in the first place? Don’t you think that they’re probably getting videotaped in the bathroom, or that their bosses are threatening them with that? Don’t you think that there are students who have to work to try to leave their parents’ houses, where they and/or their siblings and many mothers are being sexually and otherwise abused? How many years of working in those conditions do you think they have to do before they can buy a house rather than live in dorms or apartments where they’re being videotaped by their schools and landlords?

What will the conglomerate be doing by the time that today’s students can buy houses? Will it be saying that people have to let the conglomerate put cameras in every house so that it can record everyone all the time?



Copyright L. Kochman, December 7, 2012 @ 5:38 p.m.