11/28/12: Pictures from 11/28/12: Am I being videotaped in the shower at On The Rise?

by thiswinteralso

November 28, 2012

I haven’t taken a shower at On The Rise in months; I was staying at the shelter in Waltham and taking a couple of showers a week, at times when I hoped that the staffperson was asleep and wouldn’t be pounding on the door of the bathroom to make me turn the light on.

There’s no way to make the bathroom where you take showers at On The Rise entirely dark.  I’m assuming by now that there is nowhere that I can go that it’s safe to take a shower.  I took a shower there yesterday and today.  Yesterday, someone was in the bathroom on the first floor when it was my turn to take a shower in the bathroom where people take showers, which is on the second floor.  Turning off the lights in the first floor bathroom makes it dark, so I always do that if I have to use the toilet.  I also try to change into clothes in that bathroom when I have to do that, also in the dark.

All I did in the shower room at On The Rise yesterday was use the toilet, covering myself, and then take a shower.  All I did in that room today was take a shower.

I always wear clothes into the shower now, so whatever they got on video yesterday and today, if they’re videotaping me, showed me hunched over with a towel over me so that I could change into my shower clothes, taking a shower in those clothes, and then reversing that process so that I could change out of my shower clothes and into dry clothes.

Orgasms are turning into a thing of the past for me; I’ll put it that way.



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