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  1. The latest teen suicide, results of bullying on the rise, was a Rutgers University student “Tyler Clementi”. Tyler was only 18 years old, just beginning his life …

    voices.yahoo.com/teen-suicides-results-bullying-rise… – Cached

  2. It describes a suicide that occurs as the result of bullying, which unfortunately happens more than you’d care to think.

    voices.yahoo.com/bullycide-resultbullying-6174594.html – Cached

  3. In the past few years there have been many suicides as a result of bullying. The first one we ever heard about was Ryan Halligan. Just some of those who …

    www.examiner.com/article/suicideas-a-resultofbullying… – Cached
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  4. While it is now well known that bullying is very damaging to its victims, it is still not generally considered to be a serious issue. Throughout time immemorial …

    www.officer.com/article/10611621/bullycide-suicideas-a… – Cached

  5. Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers student who committed suicide just days after two classmates secretly taped him during a sexual encounter with a man and …

    www.longislandpress.com/2010/09/30/tyler-clementi… – Cached

  6. A young lady, who was a victim of severe bullying, both at school and on the internet, was found dead in Coquitlam, Canada on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 …

    www.examiner.com/article/another-teenager-commits… – Cached

  7. Parents Blame Bullies for 5th-Grade Suicide. … her youngest son’s death is the result of what she calls incessant bullying that his teachers and other …

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  8. Jamie Hubley, 15, Commits Suicide After Bullying. A gay 10th-grader killed himself this weekend after complaining about bullying at his school on the Internet, where …

    news.advocate.com/post/11580677515 – Cached

  9. [Mar 9, 2012] A 14-year-old girl whose Facebook page says she loves ” all my haterz” has committed suicide after enduring two years of bullying by her female classmates … ( 76 Comments )
  10. Bullying results in strong feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment, and guilt, … Bullying and suicide | Cases of suicide caused by bullying

    www.bullyonline.org/stress/health.htm – Cached

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