11/17/12: The shredder at the Women’s Center

by thiswinteralso

November 17, 201

I’ve been trying to shred some of the paper that I have been schlepping around with me; notes that have already been turned into published pages, documents that have served their purpose, mail that I’ve read.

The shredder at the Women’s Center is decrepit, and it takes more time and expletives than it should for me to get through what I try to shred.

The first time that I was trying to shred paper, the shredder kept stopping and making a loud, staccato noise.  The coordinator showed me how she uses an unfurled paper clip to try to get the bits of paper that stop the shredder out of it.  I said “Why don’t you ask the board of directors to buy a better one?”  She didn’t really answer.

To me, the shredder is evidence of what is wrong at the Women’s Center, and of what is probably wrong with most of the women who have supported the conglomerate’s agenda of the abuse of women and children.  Women who refuse to take responsibility for their lives, for the things that they do, for their goals, and for what they have to do to reach their goals, will invariably be frustrated because of their self-inflicted self-denial.  The extent of their self-denial throughout their lives is probably in direct proportion to their willingness to abuse, and to allow the abuse of, others whom they perceive as being at or below their own level of power.

I think, too, that the first reactions that women who excessively practice self-denial have to women who don’t do that are anger and the decision, passive or not, to “put that woman in her place.”


Copyright L. Kochman, November 17, 2012 @ 1:54 p.m.